Application Management


SolarWinds Loggly is a cost-effective, hosted, and scalable full-stack, multi-source log management solution. The software helps to decrease Mean Time to Repair(MTTR) while accelerating the process of identifying the root cause of an issue.

Instantly identify any bottleneck and failure points, and work to eliminate them before they cause outages. It also offers AWS, Azure, and hybrid cloud application log support.

  • Loggly works to reduce the MTTR by instantly tapping into an alert or metric into the relevant log and quickly recognize and diagnose issues across the stack.
  • Speed triage to rapidly find issues via automated, real-time field exploration to intelligently determine related data.
  • With impactful surround search capabilities like seeing events in complete context across all aggregated logs, swiftly identify bottlenecks and failure points.
  • Identify the usage patterns with the application, service, and infrastructure-aligned previous study of infrastructure data and user log.
  • Fix Azure application performance issues instantly with automatically integrated, traces, and logs, end-to-end performance metrics, ranging Azure IaaS, PaaS, and over 40 out-of-the-box integrations.


Papertrail by SolarWinds is a cloud-hosted log management tool used for faster troubleshooting of infrastructure and application issues. It lets you consolidate your logs at one place and it takes only a few minutes to set up.

Papertrail is a powerful tool that diagnoses and fixes the DB errors quickly. It's an affordable and flexible tool that is easier to operate.

  • Instant log visibility: The SolarWinds Papertrail™ gives you fast lightning search, long-term archives, flexible system groups, team-wide access, monitoring webhooks, charts and analytics exports, and merely a few seconds to set up.
  • Fast Troubleshooting: The tool makes diagnosing a monitoring alert, app server error, customer service ticket, or missing email much easier and faster. With Papertrail, you can save searches to reuse them later and even show to coworkers.
  • Related Events: The tool lets you create flexible log views in a few clicks. Further, it converts related systems into different event streams such as NY colo, DB servers, or Big App. You can also put the new systems at the right place using hostname wildcards. Saving searches can create a customised log dashboard.
  • Spread Visibility Around: The tool is highly helpful for the people who aren't a techie. They can make use of logs without knowing SSH/RDP. The lead engineer can segregate groups, searches, and alerts that can be used by the team. It also sends you regular nightly summary emails with copyable links.
  • Efficient and Quicker: Papertrail can be set up in 45 seconds and works with auto scaling cloud systems, VPSes, NAT, dynamic IPs, and log hosts. You can use any common Syslog daemon or SolarWinds collector for text log files.
  • Analysis: You can integrate other web services and your apps with Papertrail. The tool notifies your app via HTTP whenever a search has new matching logs.


SolarWinds Pingdom is a SaaS-based web application management tool that lets you analyse your application's health and take actions accordingly. Your website is one of the most valuable assets and its downtime

can affect your reputation as well as business to an extent. The problem is that you can't fix anything without knowing about it. Pingdom provides you with an in-depth analysis of your web application, starting from the transaction level to UI/UX experience.

  • Real User Monitoring: With Pingdom Real User Monitoring (RUM) snippet, you can know your customers’ real-time experience. It collects complete statistics of your visitor’s digital experience, depending on their geographical location, device, or browser used.
  • Correlation of your web performance with business outcomes: The tool measures page load speed and co-relates it with user bounce-rate. These stats let you curate an effective digital strategy.
  • Exceptional visualizations and reporting: The business reports generated by the tool are shareable and can be sent across to developers, technicians, or managers for further discussions. The data presented in the report is easy to understand by everyone.
  • Easy-to-create synthetic transactions: Pingdom allows you to carry transaction tests so that you can figure out the issue before any customer does. The tool lets you imitate the customer journey starting from the home page to the checkout page and gives you an in-depth report of all the issues.
  • Market-proven, robust, 24/7 web application monitoring: Pingdom has over 100 servers worldwide that work 24/7 to provide you with the web application analysis from anywhere and anytime.
  • Reliable, team-oriented alerting: The real-time health monitoring alerts keep you abreast on what's going on with your web application. You can integrate the tool with Slack®, PagerDuty®, OpsGenie®, and much more.
  • Historical data and trends at a glance: You can even keep a track of historical trends with page speed performance reports and analyse the past changes made by you.

Web Performance Monitor

Your company's website or app is one of the most crucial aspects of your business. A frequently crashing website or app can impact your business and revenue to a higher extent. Thus, you should

always stay abreast with what's going on your website. Web Performance Monitor by SolarWinds is one such tool that lets you manage your website/app effectively and know about the issues even before the visitors. It gives you an in-depth insight into your website's page speed, user experience, technical errors, designing issues, etc.

  • Monitor Internal, SaaS-Based, and Customer-Facing Web Apps: SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor lets you monitor Web applications such as CRM, supply chain, help desk, etc. You can also monitor internal resources since the tool is installed within your firewall.
  • Easy-to-Use Transaction Recorder: The tool allows you to record how a user interacts with your website and what all needs to be improved.
  • Application Stack Management Dashboard: You can also integrate this tool with SolarWinds® Server and Application Monitor to map the relationship between a transaction or page to its supporting servers, databases, virtual infrastructure, and storage resources.
  • Web-based Application Performance: You can also analyse if web services are causing issues in your web application and take the necessary steps accordingly.
  • Detailed Load-Time Metrics: The load-time of an application is one of the most crucial factors as a lagging application can cause an increase in bounce rate. Higher the bounce rate, the lower your website ranks on search engines. The detailed load-time metrics provided by Web Performance Monitor lets you analyse the issues and minify the files accordingly.
  • Monitor Transactions from Multiple Locations: You can analyse your application from anywhere and anytime.
  • Transaction Alerting/Notifications: You can set automated notifications for every transaction step to receive alerts whenever a transaction step is failed.
  • Website and Web App Performance Reporting: The in-depth reports provided by the tool lets you make monthly reports on website performance. You can also strategise better having these reports in-hand.


SolarWinds® AppOptics™ is a next-generation, SaaS-based application performance monitoring (APM) solution. It’s a convergence of application performance monitoring, infrastructure

monitoring, and custom metrics into a single, simple, affordable tool that delivers a deeper and wider understanding of system availability and performance.

  • Full-stack visibility – Monitor performance of custom on-premises and highly distributed cloud applications across services, hosts, containers, and platforms down to the code.
  • Reduce MTTR – Monitoring infrastructure and application metrics side-by-side reduces the time it takes to identify what part of the stack is failing, so you can quickly get to the root cause.
  • Measure what matters – Use both out-of-the-box metrics and the flexibility to define your own. You can track and measure the performance of systems that matter to your organization across all layers of the application.
  • Combine metrics, traces, and logs – One-click drill down into all the log lines associated with a specific trace (auto-instrumented for SolarWinds Loggly® and SolarWinds Papertrail™ log management and monitoring).
  • Align performance goals with business goals – Incorporate custom metrics to combine business metrics side-by-side with system metrics. See and measure the impact infrastruc-ture and application performance has on your business performance.
  • Highly scalable – Cost-effectively scale as your business scales with analytics and trend reporting, providing you with insights into short- and long-term changes to performance and resource utilization.