Unified Firewall Management – Secure Track

Tufin SecureTrack gives you full-fledged control on your hybrid network across firewalls and NGFWs, routers and switches, SDN and hybrid cloud. It is the only firewall management solution

that provides security, compliance, and connectivity. SecureTrack renders a central repository of all the firewalls rules and objects that further simplify management across multi-vendor, multi-platform technologies. The repository makes rule optimization easy. With SecureTrack's out-of-the-box firewall management reports, you can speed up the firewall operations.

  • Visibility and control across hybrid IT: SecureTrack provides real-time visibility into all firewall and security changes across the enterprise that gives you an insight into security policy changes and network connectivity, with alerts for possible new security risks.
  • Security Policy Baseline: The tool lets you establish a baseline of allowed and blocked traffic between security zones while further enforcing it across the hybrid network.
  • Real-time working: With Tufin SecureTrack, you get continuous compliance with real-time monitoring and risk alerts for access changes and policy violations. The tool's automated audit trail provides you with customizable audit reports that comply with regulatory standards such as PCI-DSS, SOX, NERC-CIP, HIPAA, GDPR etc.
  • Firewall Policy Management: SecureTrack enables you to effectively manage firewalls across multi-vendor, multi-platform technologies through a central repository of all the firewalls rules and objects.
  • Business Connectivity: You can troubleshoot and remediate network outages using the tool's precisely curated topology modelling and path analysis.
  • Managing Network Security: You can identify risk access and policy violations in real-time using SecureTrack.

Network Change Automation - Secure Change

Tufin Secure Change provides policy-based automation and orchestration to enterprises for accurate network changes implementation in just a few minutes.

The tool increases the auditability of the network change process while maintaining security and compliance. SecureChange provides high alertness with end-to-end automation within complex networks, continuous compliance and built-in security including auditable processes, and network access life-cycle management.

  • Network Change Automation: Tufin SecureChange's end-to-end automation of network security changes enhances alertness. The tool allows the teams to execute network changes faster by reducing human error and minimizing remediation effort.
  • Proactive Risk Assessment: The tool provides enterprises with continuous compliance for internal policies and industry regulations such as PCI DSS, SOX, NERC CIP.
  • Automated Design: Secure Charge recommends network changes based on accurate topology modelling, path analysis and security policy.
  • Automated Provisioning: The tool provides zero-touch implementation across all leading firewall and cloud platforms./li>
  • Automated Audit Readiness: The tool provides continuous compliance by implementing an auditable change process, preventing overly permissive access and Adhoc changes.
  • Flexible Workflows: SecureChange provides automated workflows that extend flexible configuration options and rich APIs. The APIs allow you to integrate it with 3rd party tools such as ticketing systems and vulnerability scanners.
  • Multiple Vendor Support: Secure Change supports vendors such as AWS, Check Point, Cisco, Forcepoint, Fortinet, Juniper and Palo Alto Networks.

Application Connectivity Management - Secure App

SecureApp is an automated solution by Tufin that allows the organisations to update, define, monitor, and remove applications from the network. The tool decreases the time taken by

network security professionals to make application-related changes and diagnoses network connectivity problems. The detailed insight provided by SecureApp into the application's connectivity needs increases efficiency and accelerates service deployment and simplifies network operations.

  • Streamline Application Deployment: With SecureApp, network security technicians can define application components and the relationship between them. It is a single console for all network-related applications so that the network is always streamlined with changing application requirements.
  • Improve team Collaboration: The spontaneous user interface of the SecureApp allows the application teams and network teams to communicate effectively, thereby, saving the time wasted on miscommunication. The application team can define and update their application's resources as well as dependencies, while the network team can handle automated tickets.
  • Automated Application Delivery: The tool lets you document the network connectivity of all your applications using Application Discovery that analyses network traffic to reveal the communication paths associated with servers.
  • Monitor and Diagnose Application Connectivity: The SecureApp gives you an accurate and complete view of the application connectivity. Once an application is set up, the tool uses Topology Intelligence to simulate network access paths.
  • Automated Application-related Network Changes: SecureApp makes the application change process easier. You simply have to change the IP address of the server in the tool and generate a change ticket that automatically detects required network configuration changes.

Hybrid Cloud Security – Secure Cloud

SecureCloud is a security policy automation service by Tufin that gives real-time visibility and control to ensure the security and compliance of hybrid cloud environments.

SecureCloud is a Security-as-a-Service that increases agility and security with automated security policy orchestration for network complexity management and security policy changes automation. The tool guarantees continuous compliance and enables zero trusts.

  • Visibility & Control: SecureCloud allows you to discover and visualize workloads automatically with automated policy discovery. It lets you envision assets deployed, configurations, and security settings with its application-centric topology view.
  • Fast Detection & Mitigation: Tufin SecureCloud detects and automatically provides alerts on unauthorized communication to decrease risk and strengthen security compliance. You can even integrate the tool with SIEM and messaging systems (e.g. Slack) to let security teams know of misconfigurations and non-compliant applications.
  • Shift-Left Network Security: SecureCloud takes care of security and agility without interrupting agile processes by embedding security into DevOps CI/CD pipelines (shift-left). You can integrate the tool with DevOps to provide application network traffic risk analysis.
  • Generate, test, and implement micro-segmentation: The tool allows you to automatically define and implement micro-segmentation and policy guardrails according to workloads and application context. It efficiently provides full visibility into east-west and north-south traffic to block noncompliant communications and diminish the attack surface. Further, it also configures and applies security policies to compliant workloads automatically.
  • Ensure continuous compliance: The tool ensures that cloud resources and applications are properly configured and are compliant. SecureCloud continuously monitors containers, public cloud services, and firewalls to identify security violations while automatically alerting and blocking unauthorized communications, ensuring continuous compliance.
  • Enable a zero-trust security model: The building of a zero-trust security model requires visibility and micro-segmentation. The SecureCloud tool monitors activities in your environment while creating and enforcing micro-segmentation policies to reduce your attack surface.