Are you searching for a platform that unifies your communication within the organisation? Let's put this search to an end once, and for all. GoToConnect

combines the authenticity and power of Jive's cloud VoIP phone systems with GoToMeeting's web, audio, and video conferencing into a single solution that's reliable and efficient. communication gap between your employees and lets them talk, chat, text, meet, and collaborate remotely. GoToConnect brings to you the reliable audio, video, and web conferencing solution integrated with the cloud VoIP business phone system at an affordable price. Save the hassle and communicate efficiently using GoToConnect without worrying about chopped voice, low signals, and poor quality.

  • Custom Call Routing: With visual dial plan editor, you can control and update your cloud-based phone system in real-time.
  • Never miss a call: The time-based routing and geolocation feature forwards all incoming calls to your devices.
  • Manage efficiently: You can use ring groups, call queues, and team-based call distribution to manage incoming call volume.
  • Screen Share: Want to discuss an important presentation with your team? Well, you can share your screen and present things remotely.
  • Flexible & Quick: There's no need to enter a PIN while joining a meeting. Just accept the call and you are good to go!
  • Personal Meeting Room: Have something confidential to discuss? Utilise personal meeting room facility, provided to each user with a unique URL.
  • Call Analytics: Get real-time call reports to improve and manage call queues and incoming calls.
  • Reliable: GoToConnect is hosted on 10 data centres worldwide to provide you with efficient, flexible, and supportive communications.
  • Best Customer Service: We are always here to help our customers and ensure they get the most out of our product.


Modernize your workforce productivity with GoToMeeting. If you want to collaborate with your employees/colleagues from a remote location, GoToMeeting

is one of the best options to choose from. It lets you schedule meetings anytime and from anywhere. You can launch your meetings from Microsoft Office, email, and other instant-messaging tools. With this platform, you don't have to worry about cracked voice, dropped calls, hazy videos, and signal connectivity issues. Furthermore, there are no device limitations. You can join calls using a laptop, tablet, or just your mobile phone. And, gone are the days when it used to control what goes during the meeting. The new GoToMeeting update takes care of what goes before and after the meeting!

  • Streamline your work: GoToMeeting hub allows you to streamline your work agenda with a single interface containing all the information about your scheduled meetings, information, and diagnostics.
  • Flexible Scheduling: You can now create multiple meeting rooms and collaborate with others effectively. The popular updated plugins like Office 365 and Outlook, GSuite Calendar, Salesforce, Zoho, Slack etc. make scheduling much easier for you.
  • Time-Saving: GoToMeeting is one of the fastest meeting solutions and gives you the privilege of joining calls either through download-free desktop option or app-based desktop/mobile option.
  • Real-time note-taking: While recording a session, important notes are being timestamped and embedded within the transcription. Users can find the action items using Smart Notes Tool and share this with attendees after the meeting ends.
  • Enhanced Audio Quality: Wideband VoIP capabilities are now available via PSTN. You can be assured of crystal clear voice even in low bandwidths.
  • AI-powered transcripts: Taking notes while in a meeting can be time-consuming. Well, no more. With GoToMeeting, you can record the meeting hours and let it handle notes-taking for you.
  • Frame Capturing: If you encounter something pretty important during a meeting, capture that and it will be downloaded as a PDF.
  • Meeting Diagnostic Report: IT Admin can monitor the meetings and provide a diagnostic report to improve things further.


Transform your online engagements into a powerful one using GoToWebinars. Scheduling and hosting webinars are made easier with the GoToWebinar tool. From planning,

promotion, engagement to conversion and analytics, this tool saves the trouble for you. It lets you create an event, schedules it with a few clicks,and helps you draw more attendees for the webinar session. The engagement dashboard lets you keep an eye on attentiveness and the number of people actually taking interest in the session. With in-between polls and surveys, you can increase the engagement rate and ask people if they are enjoying the webinar. The best thing that you can do with this tool is to integrate it with your CRM and manage everything on a single platform.

  • Analytics & Reporting: After every webinar session, you can watch out for key metrics to see how your session went.
  • Audience Preview: You can see and test out your webinar by using the audience preview feature.
  • Audience Management: You can take charge of your audience by setting up the attendees size, approving registrations, changing the user role during the webinar and much more.
  • Audience Spotlight: If you want to feature one of your audiences, you can pass on the mic to them and let them come under the spotlight.
  • Event Management: You can schedule and manage your webinars easily with GoToWebinar.
  • Handouts: You can even share your files with the users so that they can download it.
  • No delay streaming: You can share your screen with the user and present your ideas with better clarity.
  • Q&A session: You can answer attendees questions either privately or publicly.
  • Source Tracking: The tool lets you keep a track of sources that drove the maximum traffic.
  • Pre-recorded events: With this tool, you can even pre-record your events and present them to the users so that you can respond to queries properly.


Conferences and regular team meetings are necessary to touch base and keep things in sync. That is how the modern workforce functions and, thus, you need an efficient

platform to be able to connect with your teammates while being away. While there are a lot of meeting and group call software out there but GoToRoom is something that you will love because of Dolby Voice and several other video features. The tool makes sure that you enter into the meeting smoothly and emerge out with a check on all the planned agendas for the day. From scheduling the meeting to attending it from anywhere and anytime, this tool does everything effectively.

  • Clear Audio: GoToRooms provide you with the best quality audio while in the meetings so that you don't feel the distance even while attending it remotely. Say goodbye to unclear voices and cracking sounds. GoTo has recently partnered with Dolby and Poly (only in the US) to improve audio.
  • Smooth Experience: GoTo is easy to keep in sync with other planning tools such as Microsoft (Exchange & Office 365) or Google Calendar that makes things easier for you.
  • Scene Framing: While in a meeting, the intelligent scene graming feature highlights the people talking that makes it easier to focus.
  • Enhanced background: No need to worry even if you are in a bad-lit environment. The tool enhances your backdrop, making the video clear and visible.
  • Easy installation: GoToRooms is easy to install and integrate. It's no rocket science and allows you to set up within a few minutes without much struggle
  • Virtual Board: You can share your virtual whiteboard with other teammates and brainstorm together.
  • Multiple Device Supportive: The GoToRooms software is device-friendly and lets you join a meeting with just a single click through your laptop, tablet, or mobile device. If not the app, you can attend/host meetings through the webpage.


As the world moves towards digitalisation, youth is more fond of learning online rather than offline classes. Not only this, but more and more people are also getting

into online training sessions to share their knowledge base with the world. If you are an online instructor or trainer, GoToTraining is one of the best tools to host classes. It comes packed with the most reliable features to keep you sorted before, during, and after the training session.From understanding your registrants to delivering the best lectures, the tool makes it simpler for you. The training analytics provides the scope of improvement in future.

  • Custom Registration: The tool lets you understand your audience before they join your session. You can create custom forms and include tailored questions to know them better.
  • RevStream Payment Processing: You can integrate your PayPal account with the tool to manage course fees, registration fees, refunds etc.
  • Content sharing: You can share PowerPoint presentations, files, videos, and other resources with your students to make them understand better.
  • Test & Polls: To test knowledge retention while taking classes, you can use polls and ask short questions from your audience.
  • Student Engagement: With breakouts, you can initiate a small student interaction session where they can discuss things.
  • Whiteboard Sharing: Your students won't miss the traditional whiteboards with GoToTrainingtool. You can share your board with them and explain things closely.
  • Reporting: The analytics provided after every session gives you an insight into the areas of improvement as well as the stronger points. You can cover the gap between you and your students after going through the in-depth analysis of your teaching session.
  • Completion Certificate: Once the course is completed by the users, you can send them completion certificates through emails right from this tool!
  • Recording: The GoToTraining software allows you to record lectures and upload them on any cloud service. How cool is that?


It's always advisable to keep your business number separate from your private one. Grasshopper helps you do business by combining your professional phone

number with a virtual phone system. The tool lets you know when you are receiving a business-related call so that you can answer it professionally. You can make and receive text messages or voice call from anywhere and anytime with the desktop or mobile app. Even if you are a small business, Grasshopper makes you look like a bigger and professional one! Starting from selecting your number/plan, installing Grasshopper app, and configuring it, you can get going by following these three simple steps.

  • Answer Calls Professionally: The tool lets you know when you receive business-related calls so that you can answer them accordingly. The automated greetings make your business look bigger and responsible. You can use the voice studio to choose from available automated greetings and redirect callers to respective departments without wasting their as well as your time.
  • Reliable & Flexible: Whenever you call your clients using the Grasshopper app, they will see your professional number flashing on their device screen. This way, you can keep your professional number separate from the personal one. It's easy to place calls either through desktop or mobile device by using the same app.
  • Business texts: Clients who prefer texts instead of calls, can receive instant messages from you, even while you are away. That way, you won't miss any clients and respond to them using the same professional number.
  • Voicemail and faxes: You will be amazed to know that your grasshopper number is also a virtual fax number! Whenever someone sends a FAX to you on this number, you will receive it as a PDF in your inbox.
  • Voicemail Transcription: Don't want to listen to voicemails? Well, the voicemail transcription feature converts the voicemails to readable texts.
  • Reporting: The call logs and analytics recorded by Grasshopper give you an insight into your business and it's customer service performance.