Service Desk

Manage your employee services efficiently with Service Desk, an IT service management (ITSM) solution by SolarWinds. With this tool, you can streamline all your

tickets coming in from different mediums such as email, phone call, a customized Service Portal, and even the occasional (or extremely frequent) walk up. Service Desk brings your department closer and replaces all the other service apps that you have been using all this while. The easy-to-use software reduces the usual 10-step process to one or two steps. Furthermore, you can integrate this software with 200 cloud apps to make management easier and smoother.

  • Automation: The software's automated processes make ticket routing, workflows, building processes and notification rules easier.
  • Benchmarking: The benchmarking feature helps you with performance tracking, performance trends, setting benchmarks, customising reports, and identifying the improvement areas.
  • Configuration Management Database Software (CMDS): The CMDS gives you an insight into the technology infrastructure of your entire organization. It helps you to predict impact, build relationships, and track items in your infrastructure.
  • Dashboards: Get a real-time snapshot of your service desk's current state with the dashboard. You can either build custom widgets or choose from already existing ones to customise your overall software experience.
  • Discover: The Software allows automatic asset and technology inventory update for comprehensive and reliable data from your IT infrastructure.
  • Employee Service Portal: You can speed service requests with the Employee Service Portal.
  • Knowledge Base: The consolidated database of articles and resources provided by the knowledge base is helpful for technicians and employees.
  • Incident Management Software: The incident management software enables you to provide your employees with the best helpdesk services to increase productivity.
  • Internationalisation & Localisation: The SolarWinds Service Desk supports more than 40 languages that give you the ability to better customize and meet the needs of your teams, no matter what their location is.
  • Problem management: The software allows you to identify the problem and quickly escalate it to the designated authority to reduce time wastage and enhance employee experience.

Web Help Desk

Web Help Desk is an affordable and reliable Help Desk Ticketing and Asset Management Software by SolarWinds. The software streamlines and automates the ticketing

management tasks so that you can manage customer grievances properly. Web Help Desk allows you to keep track of tasks, assignment, routing, and escalation.

  • Accessibility and Technology: Web Help Desk comes with the latest technology that makes it versatile and flexible. The graphical interface is designed as such to make the configuration process easier. All the modern browsers and web-kit support mobile devices are supported by the software.
  • Change Management Software: Most of the time, the tickets and the change requests generated get lost in the shuffle. SolarWinds® Web Help Desk® integrates IT ticketing into change management software that allows you to keep track of change requests without the hassle.
  • Customer Service Software: The customer service software increases operational efficiency, cuts down the costs of having more resources, saves manual efforts with automation, eases down the task and process management, and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Hardware Asset Management: IT asset management manages the hardware and software inventory in your IT infrastructure, keeping it up-to-date with information about your assets.
  • Help Desk Communication & Alerting: Web Help Desk supports IMAP, POP and Exchange protocols for inbound email retrieval. It allows two-way email correspondence, Email and SMS alerts for SLA management, automatic escalations, and customer service surveys.
  • Help Desk Integration: Integrating ITOM tools like IT operations management, network and system management software, IT operations management tools, and remote support system software, into your help desk system, helps unify IT management and support.
  • Help Desk Management: Web Help Desk allows SLA Management, Reporting & Monitoring, and Task management.
  • Help Desk Reporting: With regular performance reports, customer survey reports, scheduled report delivery, centralized dashboard, and IT asset reports, you can closely monitor technician, team performance, and business metrics.


The SolarWinds ipMonitor tool helps you to monitor networks, servers, and applications performance through a common console. It sends you regular alerts for the

availability and performance issues. If any problem comes up, you don't have to worry about the down-time since ipMonitor automates the remediation actions. The built-in dashboard and reports give you an in-depth insight into the performance monitoring so that you can trace the key improvement areas.

  • Enhanced Visibility: With ipMonitor you can keep an eye on the critical issues and discover them even before the end-user because of regular alerts and a user-friendly interface.
  • Highly Responsive: The tool works fast and gives you a comprehensive report with potential or existing errors.
  • Lightweight footprint: The tool works on minimal system requirements and a single machine. Furthermore, the flat file storage omits the use of a separate database.
  • Affordable: The ipMonitor tool works on monitor-based licensing that gives you just what you require at the right price.
  • Agentless Monitoring: The tool has an agentless architecture as a backbone for a comprehensive feature set.
  • Expert Guidance: The startup wizard gives you a demo tour through the tool, providing out-of-the-box recommendations for each device and application.
  • Regular Alerts: The various notification types provide you with alerts on network issues and application errors via email, text, or Windows Event LogFiles.
  • Monitor network status: The maps and NOC view lets you figure out the availability or performance issues with servers, applications, or devices. You can also drill-down and get to the specific metrics associated with the errors.
  • Minimise downtime: It's not possible to be available whenever an issue comes up. But, you can't even afford to have a longer downtime. Hence, the automated remediation takes immediate action and resolves the issue as soon as possible without human intervention.
  • Extensive Report: The point-and-zoom reports allow you to get into the root cause of an issue so that you can resolve it in a minimal time period.

Dameware Remote Everywhere

Dameware Remote Everywhere by SolarWinds is a quick, manageable, and lightweight cloud-based remote support solution that can be accessed anywhere with an internet

connection. The software allows the technicians to control basic remote administration tasks such as remote support requests management, agents configuration,technician activity reporting, and surveys creation with the collection. The software requires minimal setup and, it's as easy as logging in using an id or password.

  • Quick Issue Resolution: The Dameware software works pretty fast and solves issues pretty fast, decreasing longer waiting hours and software response time.
  • Unattended Support: You don't need the end-user to interact with you again and again. The software lets you resolve the issue behind the scenes.
  • Flexible: The software supports Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux in desktop and Android, iOS on mobile devices so that you can access it from anywhere and anytime.
  • High-resolution Support: With Dameware Remote Everywhere, you get crystal-clear HD video quality, that's adjusted according to your network's capability
  • Fast Remote Control: SolarWinds® Dameware Remote Everywhere (DRE) establishes workstation connection in less than eight seconds to help you save time.
  • Safe Remote Support: DRE keeps your data safe by advanced encryption protocols and support for two-factor authentication.
  • Easy Connection to out-of-band devices: Even if the end-user device is powered off, you can access it using Intel vPro with AMT, Wake-on-LAN, and KVM support.
  • In-depth System Information: Before even starting with the process, DRE gives you the System logs, error overview, BIOS, system info, and device details so that you can get through before starting with the work.
  • Recording: The software allows you to record sessions, add notes for the end-user, and take screenshots for future reference.
  • Reporting: The extensive in-depth reports give you an insight into your team's performance. it gives you session details, technician performance report, and end-user survey results.
  • Live Chat: If you want to connect with the end-users via pre-session or in-session chats, you can use VoIP or video call without interruption.

Dameware Remote Support

Dameware® Remote Support by SolarWinds is a comprehensive and quick affordable remote support software that simplifies and accelerates remote IT administration

tasks for IT admins and support technicians. Dameware Remote Support incorporates built-in Dameware Mini Remote Control to gain remote access to Windows®, Linux®, and Mac® OS X® systems. The software allows smart card logon and authentication as well.

  • Easy-to-Use: the Dameware remote support includes Dameware Mini Remote Control that allows remote connection with Windows®, Linux®, and Mac® OS X® systems. It allows chatting, taking screenshots, and transferring files to assist the technicians during remote support.
  • Remote Management: The tools lets you troubleshoot Windows systems remotely without even initiating remote control sessions. You can start/stop the system remotely, copy/paste files, view/clear event logs and much more.
  • Directory Management: DRS allows you to manage multiple AD domains, groups, and users. You can remotely unlock user accounts, reset passwords, and edit Group Policies from a single management console.
  • Faster Troubleshooting: Dameware remote support provides remote access to a host of system tools and TCP utilities (ping, traceroute, DNS lookup, FTP, Telnet, etc.) so that you don’t have to open the control panel and tools in the remote computer while troubleshooting.
  • Export Data: The built-in exporter tool helps you to export AD properties, system configurations, and software information from remote systems in .csv and .xml formats.
  • Remote access to Sleeping and Powered-off computers: Even if the system is powered off or in a sleep mode, you don't have to wait for the end-user to turn it on. DRS comes with Intel vPro® with AMT, Wake-on-LAN, and Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) features that allow accessing such devices.
  • Smart Card Logon: Dameware remote support is the first remote administration software to provide Smart Card authentication and interactive Smart Card logon.
  • Mobile Remote Control from iOS and Android Devices: The software allows support to Windows computers and servers from iOS and Android devices also.

Dameware Mini Remote Control

Dameware Mini Remote Control by SolarWinds is a reliable remote control software and desktop sharing tool designed for IT pros so that they can access end-users'

remote desktops, laptops, and servers for support. The software allows you to provide support to multiple devices simultaneously and supports all the operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. Dameware Mini Remote Control software can reboot switched off desktops and provides safe remote connectivity with Smart Card login and FIPS 140-2 validated encryption.

  • Easy-to-use: Dameware Mini Remote Control by SolarWinds allows you to use the built-in Mini Remote Control viewer, RDP, and VNC viewers to gain remote access to computers running different operating systems.
  • Powerful Capabilities: You can carry out IT support sessions from one single console using the software. The other built-in features such as chat, screenshot capture, file transfer, keyboard and mouse lock, print, etc. enhance the support experience.
  • Remotely connect to sleeping and powered-off systems: The software enables the technician to connect to the remote desktops even if they are switched off or in the sleep mode.
  • Chati with end-users: The in-session chat functionality allows the IT person to chat with the end-user for a better understanding of the problem.
  • Screenshot Capture: The software lets you click screenshots of the remote computer and save it on your desktop for future reference.
  • File Transfer: The simple to use built-in drag and drop file sharing functionality allows you to share files to and from the end user's remote desktop so that you don't have to send them via emails.
  • Interactive Smart Card login and remote Smart Card authentication: Dameware Mini Remote Control is the first-ever software to provide safe remote connectivity with the help of interactive Smart Card login and remote Smart Card authentication.
  • Manage User access: You can set permissions for user remote access depending upon the roles in your organisation.

Help Desk Essentials Pack

The Help Desk essentials pack by SolarWinds bundles the Dameware Remote Support and Web Help Desk that enables you to help desk and IT remote support tasks.

The software lets you address the tickets quickly with remote support capabilities while tracking the technician's performance to enhance customer satisfaction. The bundled software removes the need for manually managing the support tickets by allowing access to remote machines and managing them efficiently.

  • Centralized ticketing and incident management: The Help Desk essentials Pack automates help desk ticketing system and simplifies ticket creation, escalation, routing, and management.
  • IT asset management (ITAM) with automated discovery and centralized inventory: The bundled software lets you automatically discover hardware and software assets, manage asset assignments, history, and associated service requests from a single console.
  • Built-in knowledge base for self-service: The knowledge base manages technicians' knowledge and promotes end-users to identify and solve the minor issues themselves, decreasing the number of inbound ticketing.
  • IT change management and customizable approval workflows: SolarWinds Help Desk essential pack presents a simple and automated process for managing and controlling change requests that enables you to customize change approval workflows.
  • Reporting, SLA alerts, and customer surveys: The software allows you to set up SLA breach notifications so that you can manage them effectively.
  • Remote control Windows®, Mac OS® X and Linux® systems: The software is flexible enough to provide support to remote desktops working on multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  • Built-in tools: The help Desk Essentials Pack comes with in-built tools for system monitoring, event log viewing, and network diagnostics without initiating a full remote session.
  • Remote access to support end-users outside the firewall: When installed in centralized deployment mode, the Help Desk Essentials Pack enables you to remotely connect to computers outside the corporate firewall using an Internet Proxy server.